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Sportography is proud to be the OFFICIAL photography partner of Minnesota Youth Hockey!

Sportography is proud to be the OFFICIAL photography partner of Minnesota Youth Hockey!


Our recently launched ‘Photo Day Play-by-Play’ website provides our clients with a suite of tools to help them improve communication & photo day awareness with their membership.
It’s 100% free and very powerful. Click here for more details!


Sportography is proud to be the OFFICIAL photography partner of American Youth Football & Cheer!


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Mission, Vision & Values
At Sportography, our MISSION is clear: Driven by our shared values and vision we will provide timeless sports memories of today's youth while supporting our clients and communities.

Our VISION is to be the preeminent Youth Sports Photography Company nationwide.


Professionalism: We will conduct ourselves according to the highest set of standards; a way of life and manner that embodies expertise, responsibility, commitment and ethics.

Integrity: To earn (and maintain) the trust of our clients, customers and colleagues. We will ALWAYS say what we mean and mean what we say – WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP OUR PROMISES.

Customer Focused: Our top priority is Customer Satisfaction. We deliver high quality products, provide exceptional service and support, measure success through client and customer perceptions, and take individual ownership of client and customer concerns.

Teamwork: We meet challenges with a team-centered approach. We build and support teams that understand each member’s requirements, set objectives, make effective team decisions and execute as one.

Excellence: Excellence is something that we achieve by surpassing the highest levels of performance. By approaching everything we do with this objective we set ourselves apart.

Awesome People: People are our most important asset. We hire outstanding people and devote ourselves to their success by investing in their growth, development and continuous improvement.  We establish win-win relationships with all employees, respect their right to balance their personal and professional lives, and value diversity within our people. We advocate an environment of open and honest communication, trust, and respect for other's opinions.

Innovation: We strive for simplicity but encourage our people to approach every day challenging the status quo and arriving at more effective ways of accomplishing results.  We embrace technology and thrive on an environment of constant improvement. We promote creativity and an “out of the box” way of thinking.

Relationships: Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our clients, customers, vendors, and each other is paramount to our success.  Only through these relationships can we achieve the level of loyalty, commitment, respect, and care that is required to sustain the long term growth and prosperity of our organization.

Viability: Performing a superior service at a cost that will provide us with a reasonable profit is essential for continued growth and long term stability. 

Fun: A culture of "fun" is contagious and will positively impact everyone.  Let's have fun in what we do and look forward to coming to work everyday!

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